Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Brief History Of The Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Covers 101:
Truck owners today can rely on a sleek cover to protect the belongings they throw into the bed. It seems like such an obvious solution, one gives little thought as to how they came about. Indeed, transporters have always needed to protect their cargo from the elements and intruders. 

In the Beginning:
The word tonneau is derived from a French word for container. The term was originally used to describe a cover that could protect unused passenger seats in an open-air vehicle, such as the backseat of a convertible. As early as the 1930s, racers began using them to streamline their roadsters. They had been inspired by the covering used to help aircraft be more aerodynamic. Now, the name is used mainly to describe the tops put on pickup truck beds. 

Fashion Forward:
Today there are two types of tonneau covers available, both of which are sold after-market: hard and soft. The soft cover
  • Either folds or rolls up
  • Is made of canvas or vinyl
  • Can be lined with metal pieces to make it sturdier
A hard cover
  • Is one solid piece
  • Opens via a hinge placed near the bed of the truck
  • Provides the most protection of the options, as it can be locked shut
Many years have since passed, and now you will find tonneau covers on thousands of trucks. They have many names, from toppers to bed covers to caps, but they all come from the same place. 

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