Friday, 20 March 2015

Advantages Of Having A Seat Covering Installed In Your Truck

Keeping it Clean While You’re Down and Dirty: 

Owning a truck is all about getting it out there: bring on bumps, the jumps and the 2-foot-thick mud cake. That’s fine when it all stays on the outside, but what about the interior? Picking up a layer of dust on your clean khakis won’t look so impressive. Having a seat covering in your truck can make clean up quicker and much easier.

Protect Your Investment:

Seat covers aren’t strictly for grime protection. They are actually quite practical for keeping your seats in good shape. Vehicle fabrics are degraded a little every day by
 Friction, which causes tears and cracks
  • Sun damage, which can cause fading erosion
  • Grease, which can weaken fabric fibers
Get Comfortable:

Having a cover on your truck seats can also make the ride more comfortable. Plush velour is fairly easy to clean compared to other choices, plus it offers some added softness to the seat. For a more classic style, tweed can be a good option. It, too, is quite stain resistant.

If you will be washing the cover often, cloth or canvas can be a good choice. If you’re an outdoorsman, neoprene and ballistic nylon can be even better options as they resist water damage. Whatever fabric you choose, there are several patterns and styles available, so you can add some extra personality to your truck.
Besides helping to keep your clothes clean, you can also use a seat covering for enhancingthe comfort and look of your truck.

Learn more about the different options of seat covers in San Diego here.

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