Saturday, 18 April 2015

Seeing Through the Haze With High Performance Fog Lights

In the country, it can get dark at night. On a moonless night in the woods, it can get just about pitch black. In the winter months, this already poor visibility can combine with ice, snow and fog to drop visibility to nearly zero. Nevertheless, it can be vital to have a clear road picture, excellent illumination directly in front of your vehicle and vision through heavy precipitation.

Clear Road Edge Picture:

Perhaps the most important areas to consistently remain visible are road edges and markings. While in many areas these are printed with reflective paint, snow or wear can quickly obscure them. Additional lighting can effectively reveal the road edge and markings to help you keep your vehicle on the road in low light conditions.

Excellent Foreground Illumination:

Fog lights can truly shine in providing direct foreground illumination with bright white or blue light. Aside from giving a better impression of visibility, road hazards like potholes can be avoided with adequate lighting. Bright hard light can be especially helpful when clearing road debris or other hazards at night in adverse weather conditions.

Mitigating the Hazards of Low Visibility:

Poor visibility can present or aggravate a variety of risks. Dangerous situations or sudden changes in the road surface can be shrouded by heavy fog or precipitation, and less than optimal headlights may not be able to effectively communicate your vehicle's position to other drivers. Visit this website to learn more about some of the high performance fog lights in Murrieta available for your truck.

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