Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ways a Performance Tuner Can Improve Your Truck's Power and Speed

Modern engines typically use a series of integrated circuits to keep your truck's engine running smoothly. Often,  the manufacturer's default tuning settings are geared toward a balance of economy and performance with a strong emphasis on emission control. Modifying your factory default programming settings with an aftermarket tuner can shift fuel richness, valve lift, and other parameters to meet your unique needs on the fly.

Optimizing Fuel Economy

One of the most interesting effects of performance engine tuning is significantly improved fuel economy. By modifying engine performance based on the real use conditions of your truck, an aftermarket tuner can ensure your truck is using fuel as efficiently as possible to deliver substantial gains in fuel efficiency. One of the keys to effective tuning is constant electronic fuel pressure monitoring to ensure the fuel mixture can deliver sufficient acceleration and performance without excessive fuel consumption.

Maximizing Engine Output For Conditions

Different conditions can certainly change your engine's needs. Towing heavy loads requires powerful low end torque to keep your vehicle moving and long miles on the highway might need only just enough fuel to keep your truck at speed. Performance tuners modify your engine's fuel use, spark timing and idle speed in real time to give you power when you need it.

High quality performance tuners use several engine modifications including real time fuel mapping, valve manipulation, and spark timing to balance your acceleration and handling needs or maximize your fuel economy. Visit this website to learn more about performance tuners in San Diego.

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