Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Choosing The Right Car Seat Cover

Whether your car is new or old, seat covers are a useful accessory to have. In newer cars, you can protect your upholstery against wear and tear, and in an older model, you can hide existing wear and tear. Stains can come from anywhere when you're driving, including leaking grocery or food backs, a spilled cup of coffee, and or even stains from pet or small child. If you use car seat covers as a preventive tool, you can wash or replace the covers when they become dirty, rather than having to pay an expensive detailing company to repair or remove stains for you.

When it comes to choosing your seat covers, you can opt to go for either leather or fabric. If your existing seat coverings are a material you dislike, this would be your opportunity to switch to the other type of covering.

Leather seat covers have some great benefits if your lifestyle is prone to many car stains. Because leather doesn't absorb liquid, any spills will wipe off cleanly without staining. It's also more durable and possesses a more luxurious feel. On the other hand, leather almost always comes in neutral tones, so if this isn't your particular style, it might be difficult to find a leather seat cover that fits your personality.

Fabric seat covers come in many different types of materials, including vinyl, neoprene, suede and even velour. These types of seat covers have a much wider range of color choices and may even have fun prints or patterns to choose from. The material tends to much softer than leather, so it feels nicer against your skin, especially during the summer when leather seat covers can get hot and sticky. If you live in a warmer climate, a fabric seat cover might be a better option for you.

In terms of fit, you do have an option of purchasing custom-fit seat covers that will appear closer to factory made seat covers. They are made to fit snugly around the seat while working around things like seat belts, headrests and armrests. Car seat covers that aren't custom made are still quite functional, and their inexpensive price tag makes them easy and economical to replace if you anticipate your seats taking a lot of abuse.

No matter what type of car you have, you can find a seat cover that will work well for your personality and your lifestyle. Regardless of the state of your existing upholstery, car seat covers can both prevent new stains from forming and hide old stains to keep your car looking fresh and beautiful.

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