Thursday, 23 April 2015

Exploring Vent and Sun Visors

Before visors were mounted in the cabin above the windshield, sun visors typically extended from the roof of the vehicle to shade passengers from the sun's harsh glare. Exterior sun visors can have a few advantages over cabin visors including improved visibility and reduced windshield glare. Vent visors typically run along the top edge of door windows to keep out the weather and reduce window glare.

Vent Shades and Visors

There are a wide variety of colors and transparencies available for different circumstances. Exceptionally bright conditions can require very dark visors to block out the sun, while amber visors can lend a softer hue. Regardless of color, proper vent shades can allow fresh air to flow in freely while blocking out rain or snow. An excellent fit is important to ensure the visors fit securely over your door windows, and are long enough to keep your cabin clean and dry.

Aftermarket Sun Visors

Sometimes factory cabin-mounted visors can let the sun's glare come in around their edges, and can be unwieldy to adjust while driving. A permanent exterior-mounted sun visor can eliminate glare from driving into the sun and do not require any adjustment to be effective.

Unique Applications and Benefits

Sun and vent visors can work in tandem to provide the best glare reduction and driving comfort possible. Vent visors have the added benefit of preventing dust and rain from entering your vehicle while allowing fresh air to stream in from the windows. Click here to learn more about vent visors in San Diego for your vehicle.

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